Hey, it's me!







& couple Photographer

Photography started as a creative outlet for me, then that grew into what I gratefully get to call my job. After graduating from the University of Illinois with my bachelor’s in… you guessed it, photography, I moved back to the same small town I grew up in. I now live here with my fiancé & our son, who both always manage to keep me on my toes! When not behind the camera you will find me binge watching the latest series or movie (preferably a romcom), getting a tall cup of coffee, or enjoying the life we have created as a family!

I am as introverted as it gets, but when I pick up my camera all of that changes. It gives me a voice, confidence and has helped me grow in ways I never knew were possible for me. I get so excited about the opportunity meet new people and document their love story, as well as continuing to document their stories for years to come.